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Switch Kit Feature List (version 4.0)

Multi-Account FeaturesHosting Options

Switch Kit is now packaged in a standalone version to allow for hosting Switch Kit in-house. Knowing how important security can be to a financial institution, this option will put your IT department at ease. Learn more about the standalone version.

Multi-Account FeaturesMultiple Account Options

When switching to the new institution, customers can now specify either checking, savings, both, even joint owner accounts to transfer their funds to. This includes any Institutions, Direct Deposits, Electronic Payments, and even Payroll funds.

Customizable Look and FeelCustomizable Look & Feel

Switch Kit's template options allow you to create a customized look and feel that will help brand your switch kit closely with your existing site. Use the built in style editor for basic styling or for more advanced styling have your developers create a  template that utilizes cascading style sheets directly from your site.

Letterhead SupportCustomizable Cover Letter

Personalize your customers' experience by creating your own custom cover letter. Add custom information to your letterhead or just use it for that added professional look. This is the first printout your customers will see welcoming them to your institution. Update or change the cover letter as often as you like including your salutation and signature lines.

Custom Bill Pay Support FieldsBill Pay Support Fields

Does your financial institution use a third-party bill-pay vendor? To ensure the greatest amount of flexibility, Switch Kit now provides custom support fields for your bill pay product. Add bill-pay signup links, support phone numbers and more to ensure your customers' utilize your online services.

Pre-Transfer WorksheetPre-Transfer Worksheet

Summed up it is a blank, printable version of the Switch Kit. The pre-transfer worksheet is intended to help your customers gather all of the information needed before filling out the online Switch Kit forms. Also use the pre-transfer worksheet in-branch to hand out to customers.

And More...

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